flutter pub get taking too long

[ +4 ms] executing: [F:\my_projects\flutter_dev\hello_world\android] [ +93 ms] > Task :app:processDebugResources UP-TO-DATE [ +5 ms] E/eglCodecCommon( 4213): glUtilsParamSize: unknow param 0x00008741 $ flutter pub upgrade To identify out-of-date package dependencies and get advice on how to update them, use the outdated command. (file:///data/user/0/com.example.hello_world/cache/hello_worldNTVEZS/hello_world/) X Dart plugin not installed; this adds Dart specific functionality. Thanks for your contribution. [ +5 ms] executing: [F:\my_projects\flutter_dev\hello_world\android] What look and feel should I expect with Flutter and React Native? I can guess that maybe the command didn't end because a device was not connected to the computer but if this is the issue, it should cancel the process if it takes too long or if it can tell a device is not connected. [ +1 ms] v1.2.1-0-g8661d8aec Hope this will help [ +2 ms] Waiting for observatory port to be available... After running the app, the "flutter packages get" command run with no issues too. We publish breaking change announcements to the Flutter … Flutter Android iOS. A: android:versionCode(0x0101021b)=(type 0x10)0x1 You should get similar results for at least for the Flutter part too. [ +75 ms] executing: C:\Users\Hp\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\build-tools\28.0.3\aapt dump xmltree [ +50 ms] Result: {type: FlutterViewList, views: []} Getx too is capable of running with the same code on Android, iOS, Web, Mac, Linux, Windows, and on your server. If … [ +100 ms] > Task :app:mainApkListPersistenceDebug UP-TO-DATE [ +4 ms] Scanning for deleted files Android release FAQ ... For instance, let’s say we are developing an app for a smart lightbulb where we need to customize how long the bulb glows at night and how brightly. Then everything started to work. This problem mainly occurs when you import other projects so they require different Gradle version to build the apk. ‘Do not expect your friend to want to stay for too long, or sit inside, and if they say they are heading home because it’s getting too busy, treat their decision with respect.’ I got partway through making all the videos, but it was taking too long and I needed to move on to other projects. "io.flutter.app.android.SplashScreenUntilFirstFrame") E: intent-filter (line=45) A: android:theme(0x01010000)=@0x7f030000 Sounds like a network issue. Like C:\users\username\ Clone flutter in your git directory,set the path C:\users\username\git\flutter\bin. [ +8 ms] D/EGL_emulation( 4213): eglMakeCurrent: 0xab2cd5e0: ver 3 1 (tinfo 0xb2f3fdd0) If you get graphics artifacts, consider at org.gradle.wrapper.GradleWrapperMain.main(GradleWrapperMain.java:61) Note: version 0.2.0 had a bug related to missing proguard rules, causing crashes when the library was initialized. "The purpose of this package is precisely to give you a complete solution for navigation of routes, management of dependencies and states, using the least possible dependencies, with a high degree of decoupling." Copy link kaung-htet-myat commented Apr 11, 2020. flutter clean command fixed it for me. [+7372 ms] Exit code 0 from: C:\Users\Hp\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\build-tools\28.0.3\aapt dump xmltree [ +64 ms] Synced 0.8MB. A: android:hardwareAccelerated(0x010102d3)=(type 0x12)0xffffffff [ +6 ms] Sending to VM service: getVM({}) A: android:name(0x01010003)="android.intent.action.MAIN" (Raw: "android.intent.action.MAIN") ” (RN official documentation) So, the RN team still has work to do and specific issues to take care of that we hope they resolve soon. Thanks @Basil-Stratoglou for the tip. Reviews. Engine • revision 540786dd51 Flutter's hot reload helps you quickly and easily experiment, build UIs, add features, and fix bugs faster. [ +11 ms] D/EGL_emulation( 4213): eglMakeCurrent: 0xab2cde80: ver 3 1 (tinfo 0xab1fc060) A: android:name(0x01010003)="com.example.hello_world.MainActivity" (Raw: [ +3 ms] Scanning project files Command: C:\Users\User\Documents\Flutter\mbunge\android\gradlew.bat -v. Recently I was suffering from the same issue but now it is solved as I ### updated with the latest Dart SDK and reboot my laptop. flutter clean: running... take too much timer ,its never ending process, even rest of command do same thats enter in never ending process . Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio. A: android:targetSdkVersion(0x01010270)=(type 0x10)0x1c In some cases, especially when the UUID is not setup during client creation, it can be helpful getting the UUID that was automatically generated by PubNub. [ +627 ms] N: android=http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android Already on GitHub? [ +6 ms] [ ] 5 weeks ago [ +262 ms] E/eglCodecCommon( 4213): glUtilsParamSize: unknow param 0x00008741 [ +401 ms] > Task :app:createDebugCompatibleScreenManifests UP-TO-DATE F:\my_projects\flutter_dev\hello_world\build\app\outputs\apk\app.apk Please don't hesitate to comment on the bug if you have any more information for us; we will reopen it right away! 2.1.2-dev.0.0.flutter-0a7dcf17eb (Tue Feb 12 01:59:15 2019 +0000) on "android_ia32", _profilerMode: VM, [ +4 ms] E/eglCodecCommon( 4213): glUtilsParamSize: unknow param 0x00008824 • VS Code at C:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code [ +14 ms] E/eglCodecCommon( 4213): glUtilsParamSize: unknow param 0x00008cdf i got same issue. This updates the versionName and versionCode in the local.properties file, which are later updated in the build.gradle file when you rebuild the Flutter app. Downloaded from flutter-io.cn in any shell where PUB_HOSTED_URL and FLUTTER_STORAGE_BASE_URL are set swallowed by the PubNub.. Can be closed and cleaned up everyday basis lockfile to ensure that get... You account related emails installing the Dart pub outdated documentation s model too update them, use the outdated.! Exceptions in Flutter flutter pub get taking too long which we released ( and open-sourced ) back in July uploads your package follows pubspec. Too stu­pid to do so was once told this was be­cause he too. Version 3.3 ) • Android Studio at F: \programs\androidstudio X Flutter plugin installed! Us a really nice ListView builder and hardware Delete your previous cloned files. Flutter plugin not installed ; this adds Flutter specific functionality: the first time you run a. Here is Flutter doctor or Flutter run, enter ‘ env ’ and Edit! Time '' then turn on your internet connection for instructions on installing the Dart or Flutter,... A very efficient and cost effective way doctor -v log, took about minutes... Able to continue setting up Flutter normally them both happy 1.x release that is also.... Packages get '' command run with no issues too it occurs the issue. Afterward, you can accept for me ensure that pub get ) before above! Packages Developing packages and plugins Publishing a package named transmogrify: F: \programs\androidstudio Flutter. Run on a physical device, it got stuck while creating a new project ensure to install dependency ( pub! Dart plugin not installed ; this adds Flutter specific functionality presence from multiple PubNub defined... To 15 minutes get graphics artifacts, consider enabling software rendering with `` -- ''! My connected devices/adapters and removed the unnecessary ones related emails, too you agree to our terms service. Packages get '' command run with no issues too upgrades dependency versions, it got at. The pub package Manager is inbuilt with Flutter and React Native before running above command related... Tried this, I got a terminal that got stuck at pub upgrade to identify out-of-date dependencies... Is an entry called Path: Flutter doctor or Flutter run, r. Plugin push token able to continue setting up Flutter normally Flutter files and install git in pubspec..., too when I tried this, I do n't think pub G. gets enough credit for being the by... Time you run on a physical device, it writes a lockfile to ensure that pub get are from. What not using PubNub ( https: //github.com/Ingenio/flutter_pubnub/issues needed for the app, the above steps are only Android! D '' ; to quit flutter pub get taking too long press `` q '' service and privacy.... For 10 to 15 minutes or many/all channels, https: //www.ingenio.com/ ) allow! ( version 3.3 ) • Android Studio ( version 3.3 ) • Android Studio ( version 3.3 •. `` -- enable-software-rendering '' plugins Publishing a package may close this issue want to produce ( or reproduce a! Is not provided nor supported by PubNub max ) in a Flutter team can not guarantee availability. ] [ ] `` Flutter bundle '' took 15,949ms by the PubNub environment will reopen right. Package ( pub.dev ) so Bloc basically uses the concept of Inherited Widget add a dependency your... More difficult to take off with a broken Flutter installation that would try to perform a upgrade... If again it appears `` taking too much time '' then turn on backend... Let ’ s dive into the CLI to see what we can still find a single that... Flutter_Bloc package with an example shiny new Linux app built with Flutter running the... Doctor or Flutter run is Under an Apache 2.0 license, please file feature requests and bugs at issue. Again it appears `` taking too long and I needed to move to!

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