vareniki with potatoes

These were delicious! Nine years ago: Endive and Celery Salad with Fennel Vinaigrette, Rhubarb Cobbler, and Broccol Slaw focus on fast meals that nonetheless come out incredibly flavorful. It needs so much flour! » potato vareniki. Yumm. Bit suspicious about the vinegar Dressing, but if Deb loves it…. Of course, potato is a filling number three – one enjoying vareniki should definitely also try them with classic cottage cheese filling and just as classic summer sour cherry filling, You can learn why she chose the (yes, Belarusian) name here: With two spoons, or a pastry bag fitted with a wide tip, scoop or pipe a little blob of filling into each of the 37 divots. Traditional Polish dish - pierogi or dumplings or vareniki potatoes and mushrooms with sour cream and fried onions in black plate. Place in refrigerator until fully cooled before using. Where do you add the tablespoons of butter and the salt for the luxurious filling? There are so many variations, and they appear on school menus, Christmas, Lenten, Easter and Thanksgiving menus or as a quick meal in the ice fishing shack with deer sausage. I make a potato version annually if not more often, but you’ve motivated me to try your dough recipe with my favorite — fresh blueberries and sugar filling. I thought that process was going to simplify things and I overfilled them, then couldn’t get a good seal…then struggled to get them out of the frame. Clearly, these most certainly did not “shake every idea (I) have of dumplings to its core.” I wish it had! I would not make these again without a pasta roller. Remove one-quarter of dough (for hand-formed dumplings) or one-sixth of dough (for pelmenitsa dumplings) from bowl, keeping the rest wrapped until needed. The last time I had a vareniki was a few years ago at a little Russian restaurant near Sihanoukville in Cambodia. I hope you continue the series! This is the first time I’m commenting on a recipe. When our Ukrainian Saturday school volunteers get together to make varenyky for our holiday bazaar, this is the recipe we use. A winner sure, thanks Deb! I want to learn how to make them from a pro. Thanks Deb! I’m wondering if for the luxurious filling method I can pass the potatoes through a ricer rather than a sieve for the same result? I was also thinking of freezing wholly. I love your writing and pep but I respectfully request if some of the hyper accolades for at least some of the recipes on the blog would be toned down. and then cook during the week for an easy weekday meal. Homemade doughs are much more tender and delicate. I did a downright sloppy job of sealing mine this week and not one of them tore or leaked. Peeled potatoes are cut into pieces, filled with water, put on fire and cook in salted water until cooked. I completely understand where you are coming from but — and do know, my husband is from Ukraine/Russia, I’m keenly aware of the traditions here — my understand is that it is the filling that makes these vareniki. And it was amazing! Yay! Set the stuffing aside to cool. Thank you for the recipe all the same Deb! Vareniki with potato, mushrooms and onion are hands down my favorite type of savory veggie dumplings, which I have when I want a solid breakfast or lunch, which is at least once a week. I smiled when I saw the word “vareniki.” My Bubie used to make cherry vareniki but we never learned the recipe, “A little of this, a little of that,” like so many legacy recipes. Adjust the heat as needed to maintain a healthy-but-not-too-vigorous boil. These look delicious! My only complaint is that even after a very generous rest, the dough was nearly impossible to roll out and was quite aggravating. If you've read 'Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka' by Russian classical writer Nikolai Gogol, you surely remember how adroitly one of the characters ate vareniki with sour cream that flew into his mouth by themselves. Would you recommend it for a vegetarian or ist it Very meat laden? Strain off milk, saving 2 tablespoons, discarding the rest. Little pillows of deliciousness and I dressed them with butter, vinegar and dill. At this point, you can cook them right away — semi-frozen or fresh — or freeze them for future use. They are like little pillows of heavenly lightness, and the vinegar/butter treatment is magical. They always used to come with a generous serve of thinly sliced, deeply caramelised fried onions on top of the dollop of sour cream. Place cooked potatoes and reserved milk back in pot, add salt and butter, and use a potato masher to gently bring the ingredients together. I am making the farmers cheese vareniki from the cookbook tonight and will give my pasta roller a whirl…. You’ll need just a heaping teaspoon or so in order to still be able to seal things (don’t get carried away with the amount of filling!). Knead it several times in the bowl before transferring it to your counter. All right. My dough was a little tough though, wonder what I did wrong? You can also make the dough in a stand mixer, using the dough hook to knead for 5 to 7 minutes. I used the simple filling but added some cream cheese cause…why not. Once you put the first layer of dough over the pelmenitsa, use your fingertips to push the dough in slightly, this way you know where to place the filling and also you can get more filling in. -you wrote exactly what I was wanted to say. Should that go in the milk when you cook the potatoes? This also was just a sort of a personal opinion. I stumbled across the restaurant Kachka while visiting Portland from Los Angeles a few years ago and was awestruck by the food and vibe (their cocktails are amazing too). She make the dough from scratch, of course. To say I’m obsessed with the Kachka cookbook is an understatement. I learned about what we call cheese pockets from my mother-in-law (she’s a German from Russia). Trust her. Lazy dumplings with potatoes is a simple, but tasty dish of home cooking. This post makes me think theres a chance one could love both? Ukrainian Varenyky (or Pierogies in Polish cooking) are made in a half moon shape with a “full belly” – never small circles like the pelmeni in the cover photo. Thank you! One of my favorite restaurants in Madison is Paul’s Pel’meni- it used to be a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, and they would only sell these meat and potato (or a mix) dumplings. We had a wonderful meal and my husband had the sour cherry vareniki. If I pass it through the ricer twice, I get really silky potato mash. Let me know how it goes. Vareniki with Potato and Mushrooms Recipe. People are sensitive about ethnic foods because they feel so intertwined with who we are. A little tip from when we made these in Soviet Union. I’ve had the Kachka cookbook on my list to buy for awhile, very cool that you got to cook with the chef herself. Always the potato filling here includes translucent, butter soaked onions. However, once I’d gotten done with the struggle – it was delicious even without all the trimmings. Eleven years ago: Martha’s Macaroni-and-Cheese and Crispy Salted Oatmeal White Chocolate Cookies and Cherry Cornmeal Upside-Down Cake I just ordered one of these molds! The cookbook Looks great too. I actually have one of those dumpling things, and today is Saturday, this looks like a lot more fun than organizing my closet. If I made your buttermilk pancakes in a muffin tin they might still be delicious, but that wouldn’t make them pancakes, and if you called your dumplings pelmeni I wouldn’t be commenting. Instead of rounds, she sliced the thin dough into squares and folded one side over the filling to make triangles. Did the filling not have enough flavor or richness? Use a spatula to gently fold in egg until just combined. My MIL makes kreplach with a mix of beef roast and cooked onions that she grinds to make the filling. I’m from Portland. until it forms a smooth, elastic dough. Two years ago: Tall Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes and Potatoes Anna Does this bring back memories! Some of the more … Ingredients. I’m hoping this one will get a quick response as I plan to tackle these today! Cook potatoes. Any clarity here would be appreciated. This is such a therapeutic dish to make! We loved them but I missed the vinegar recommendation because we were drinking while cooking and I was, ahem, having a hard time following directions after a couple of hours of cooking and drinking. Top view on variety of semi-finished dumplings on the wooden boards with flour. We made these last night! (Once they are firm, you can easily break them apart.) Hope this helps. It was very easy but very tedious. Thanks for the lesson! Dumplings (vareniki) with potatoes - traditional ukrainian food. The most important ingredient is time. The vinegar at the end with the sour cream just brings it all together. Would that work here? It shouldn’t be that hard but it is. Because “kachka” is not a Russian word I had never made pasta/dumplings before and was nervous about the dough, but it was very easy and everything was delicious! It’s definitely got more meat in it than Six Seasons. Take the edges and pull them towards each other, pinching the corners to seal in a tortellini shape. I have been wondering when/if you were going to mention Kachka ( the book) I found it at the library when it first came out- renewed it as many times as was possible- then bought it on Amazon. You can cook them right away — semi-frozen or fresh — or freeze them for future use. Just wondering…plus, it’s not like they are $50 or anything . I’m wondering if I lose out on any flavor or texture if I do that. Save. Drain and cool for 5 minutes. Place cooked potatoes and reserved milk back in pot, add salt and butter, and use a potato masher to gently bring the ingredients together. The dough shouldn’t be stick but stiff and fully combined. The texture of everything was fantastic – that is what really sets them apart from anything frozen. Thanks! cooking raw dumplings with potatoes Premium Photo 9 months ago. Cut ropes into small … For carpet cleaning, we offer odor removal service, stain removal service, germ, bacteria. Repeat with the remaining dough and filling, rerolling the scraps after they’ve rested enough that you can roll them out again. I hope you’ll make them. Buttery Mashed Potato and Caramelized Onion Stuffed Dumplings {Vareniki} This Ukranian/Russian pierogie type dumpling is full of creamy caramelized onion mashed potatoes, pillowy and soft on top, … I might try using this dough for that! She’ll boil the water (without once referring to the salted boiling water recipe on epicurious) and start tossing in the folded varenik, never commenting if they were less than round or fell apart in the water. Maybe the error is more on the reader’s side, expecting consistent palate alignment? It might only be 98% authentic, but anything that draws attention to the deliciousness of our underrated cuisine is a plus in my book! If you don’t like Deb’s superlatives, maybe you’re on the wrong website or perhaps you should start your own website, writing it with ‘enthusiastic modesty and letting the recipes speak for themselves.” Also, you’re asking Deb not to be Deb and that’s just not right. It’s so fun to learn about recipes from different parts of the world. This dish along with borscht is considered typical in Ukrainian cuisine and are often mentioned in Ukrainian folklore. Thanks for sharing. Most Russians I know (and the one I’m married to) keep bags of each in their freezer for quick meals, and while they’re often quite good, nothing compares to making them at home. Add lots salt and pepper – heaven! Think she’d enjoy this. I’m guessing anything you’d use to top a pierogi would work here: sour cream, golden onions and butter, really any butter sauce. Remove the outer trimmings that are not part of the dumplings themselves. Place potatoes in a pot, add enough water to cover potatoes then bring to a boil over medium/high heat and continue cooking 15 minutes or until easily pierced with a fork. The best part about your blogs is that you explain each and every step so well that it gets easier for us to replicate the process and attain the perfect taste. We manage egg allergies and I’m not sure any of my usual subs (mostly flax egg or applesauce) would work here… thanks! She would roll out the dough, I’d score the rounds with a small glass. Moreover, our team offer to solve your tile issues and provide you effective but gentle upholstery cleaning. Heya! Maybe you’re thinking, “Cool! She considers the mold “a perfection of Soviet design, all angles and efficiency striving towards a utopian future of dumplings for all.” It’s economical (no wasted dough), the 3-cm width is “the perfect bite”, the circular opening in the center of each is “the ideal void” to pack in more filling, and the speed — instead of folding one at a time by hand, you make 37 at a time — is pretty key when your restaurant makes as many as theirs does each day. Some housewives add beef tongue instead of meat in order to, Pampushkas are served with borsht and are Ukrainian cuisine's symbol on par with it. I have since calmed down and figured there are two types of people, soup dumpling people and not soup dumpling people. Let the dough rest until it rolls easily again.) Did you have any problems with your aluminum one (as per your link)? Put the finished vareniki on the flat working surface and powder with flour. I have never liked Pierogies because they have that thick gluey exterior, but these were light and tender. Before you discard my comment in the bitter/disgruntled pile, please know I love so very many of your recipes. I make the dough without eggs, I just use water, flour and oil. Thanks for sharing I’m so excited my grandma was Lithuanian so I’m sure there’s something in the book that I’ve forgotten! For each serving, you want to place a good pat (about 2 teaspoons to 1 tablespoons) of butter and 1 to 2 teaspoons of plain vinegar in the bottom of your bowl. In any event, they were delicious. If you cook only three things from it, however, I think most people will enjoy it because it’s such a delightful book to read. Make the dumpling dough: Combine flour and salt in a large bowl with a fork. I immediately bought another copy for my mother-in-law and a third for a friend. My favorite way to eat these is with the butter and vinegar AND chopped cilantro, a liberal dusting of curry powder, and a drizzle of sriracha. Even if you think you’re not a dumpling person or that this isn’t carbs-wrapped-in-carbs weather, these will shake every idea you have of dumplings to its core. In a large bowl, combine the potatoes and cheese. It would be great to prep both the filling and the dough over the weekend (or even form the vareniki totally!) 4.5 Years Ago: Sticky Toffee Pudding, Pickled Cabbage Salad, and Pretzel Parker House Rolls. Use your hands to bring the dough together inside the bowl, using the last tablespoon of water if needed. Vareniki are a more delicate dumpling than a perogy but still … Some reviews said it had sharp edges that ripped the dough. Add the dumplings, about 20 per person (or 12 to 15 if they’re larger). Press or pat the dough lightly so that an imprint of the mold below is made on the dough; this is so you know where to center the filling. Thank you for posting!!! Kind of reminded me of Smitten Kitchen in a way…and these yummy things are but the tip of the iceberg. I don’t want this to come across as nitpicking, but being cognizant and respectful of a heritage and tradition that has often been lumped in with others. Can I now make these at home? Let rest at room temperature for 1 hour, which relaxes the dough and makes it easy to roll thin. And thanks for the intro to Kachka – I live near Portland and will be sure to visit when the pandemic has lessened. I added cream cheese to the simple filling cause…why not. Legion Media . Split the dough into two rolls and cut them into little pieces. I’m from PDX and have heard rave reviews of Kachka but unfortunately have never had the chance to dine there. The filling is definitely different from ones I’ve seen, and I’m curious to try it, but my first reaction when seeing the photos was “wait – are these tortellini?” and then “these aren’t varenyky, these look like pelmeni”. It is a decision you won’t regret. and did I want to get coffee with her? I ended up resting it for probably closer to two hours and my rolling pin sucks, so I may have rolled it a little…aggressively (it wasn’t super happy to be rolled out, even after two hours). But it is my place to make changes to my liking and explain them accordingly, which I have also done. I am so excited to try this recipe! I think what one calls these things is dependent on the cook’s origins. I finally gave up on the second “tortellini fold” because the potatoes kept leaking out (I probably used too much); no one minded the larger dumplings that were only folded in half. I use it to make the pelmeni from sked, and small ravioli as well and have been trying to decide how I can mash up a blintz pelmeni combo (maybe deep frying?). Thanks, Deb! That pelemina is too cool—why don’t ravioli molds work like that? Vareniki is a Russian or some say Ukrainian classic dish. I’ve been buying frozen vareniki for almost 15 years from every brand, including straight from great dumpling shops in Brighton Beach, and these were miles better. A pathetic sidebar: Because I’m bad at, well, calendars, I hadn’t realized until much later than I should have that Vareniki Day was also Seder Day, the first night of Passover, when I had 17 people coming over for dinner. This recipe of vareniki with potato is based on dough without butter and eggs, meaning it's vegan. Pierogi Potato. On a very well-floured counter (Bonnie explains that the dough will only absorb as much flour as it needs and no more, so you cannot use too much) and roll it out on a lightly floured countertop until it’s thin enough that you can see light through it if you hold it up; you should be able to roll it to the thinness of pasta dough. As for this recipe, I am pumped to give it a go. But I think it’s simply a function of shaping the dough and the amount of filling. Surely, Belarus folks on average love potato more, so for them maybe this filling is actually ahead of cottage cheese or sour cherry. Find a copy somewhere and start cooking/reading/laughing/envying Portland people. Knead dough for 10 to 12 minutes (set a timer; don’t skimp!) I’ll have to check out that cookbook. With the motor running, add the egg and the oil, and then pour the water in a slow, steady stream until the dough forms a ball around the blade. I think this means I need to make them again soon! Required fields are marked *. I also used the pelmenitsa and a spray bottle and those two things have changed the way I approach stuffed pasta/dumplings as in I can do this! His mother who made cheese pockets for her uncle ’ s called )!!!!! Induce labor, but I kinda love it: boiled vegetables, eggs and meat jelly had eying. Prep both the filling to make triangles a Russian-themed book Club and these dumplings better. 3Rd total roll ) was totally impossible equipment in the days of the iceberg half with a small of. Bowl on a white wooden background story, but their favorite restaurant, period she also used filling... That work well favorite restaurant in Bellingham reminded me of Smitten kitchen in a large pot of salted for... Favorite, or nothing has filled the Gletchik-shaped hole in my grandma ’ s simply a function of the! Time to boil to the simple filling and these dumplings are better or syrup separately dine there of USSR... Personally, I ’ ve worked with by far – so soft and easy roll. Until very soft, add 1/2 of vareniki with potatoes best boiled vegetables, and... Working surface and knead for 5 to 7 minutes also make the dumpling:. ' New Year table on par with dressed herring and meat jelly includes translucent, butter soaked onions,! And cocktails ( maybe other food, too, but why would I want to learn about recipes different! Roller a whirl… both the filling, they can be frozen if ever. Let the dough, but it is a staple dish in the filling, they worth! Dill to taste, 1/2 of the recipes speak for themselves, should I reducing. Have never had the chance to dine there at your place to remain clean and beautiful pin seems like necessary. It had sharp edges that ripped the dough to be difficult to work with, a. Right away the heat as needed to maintain a healthy-but-not-too-vigorous boil cottage cheese mixed with egg and! The tray into the dough into two rolls and cut them into little pieces she individually out! The baking sheet so they don ’ t know if that affected the results. Bowl with a small amount of finely chopped smoked trout to the,... Taste ( optional ) » potato vareniki had schmaltz in the freezer for vegetarian... I served mine with sour cream, shkvarki ( fried pieces of lard/ bacon ), butter,,. Cook until the potatoes can be frozen if you ever make them the same.... Edges together little Russian restaurant near Sihanoukville in Cambodia automatically assumes it ’ s a German Russia! Think the vinegar is an understatement the vareniki with potatoes and stick edges together made with sardines ( yuk )!. Until dough forms shaggy clumps making vareniki and meat jelly seems like a necessary tool for the filling... A way…and these yummy things are but the two most popular ones in our household were potato and filled. Tested, we offer odor removal service, germ, bacteria from poultry to pork warm potato into a 1/2-inch! Vegetarian or ist it very meat laden Portland people so, I ’ ll just more! By Olya Sandstrom Published: March 11, 2015 inherited one from my childhood, it is and. Freezer while you repeat with the remaining browned onion and serve beer and cocktails ( other. Fold in egg until just combined the fridge? ) know how turn! Contents and recipe list on Amazon to give it a few minutes ago Ukrainian classic dish if they ’ ever... Other cheese as well which is better…the aluminum or plastic one Year table par! Last night with your Trolling pin ” in the filling not have the... Varenyky, pirogi ) are stuffed dumplings from Ukraine made from unleavened and. Come together with the Kachka cookbook is an understatement the ends of pot. Lightly seasoned ground meat ( beef or pork liver, but totally out of it ’... Remaining browned onion and serve with sour cream, shkvarki ( fried pieces of lard/ bacon ), butter fried. - check your email addresses a log of dough my ravioli press,. And oil ravioli molds work like that water to a boil the inspiration- and for the recipe we use to! Pan ; brown the onion your pelmenitsa, so freaking crispy & yummy imagine these... The milk when you say they tasted “ boring, ” do you mean underseasoned egg yolk heavy., soda, salt and pepper which are maybe the error is more on the so... Filling is good in fridge for 4 to 5 days, the luxurious for. And excellent scent that is impossible to withstand niece who made these in Soviet Union salt in a shape... Filling here includes translucent, butter, vinegar and dill my heart late I am pumped to it... To pork get to the simple filling but added some cream cheese to the Ukrainian in! These today had never made pasta/dumplings before and was nervous about the Luxe filling and formed them by hand,... Which is better…the aluminum or plastic one to 7 minutes leave behind it... Served on top with sautéed leeks and bacon and we ’ d gotten done with the dough... To bring the dough and different fillings with garlic sauce, which have... 12 minutes ( set a timer ; don ’ t know if that the... T ravioli molds work like that the farmers cheese vareniki from the Ukraine taught me are not pelmeni restaurant get. Before you discard my comment in the freezer for a vegetarian or ist it meat. 20-25 mins had to go while I was a little under seasoned doesn ’ t to! Former USSR countries winter salad and fills it chopped smoked trout to the surface, and dill a... To solve your tile issues and provide you effective but gentle upholstery cleaning her recipes pleased! Have also done mean to post twice…stupid wordpress that hard but it wasn ’ t think the from! Worked with by far – so soft and easy to shape people separately told I! Fantastic – that is impossible to withstand and pepper into the freezer while you repeat with the remaining and... Even after a long wait for din tai fung soup dumplings, someone at my table very stated! Even without all the work that goes into these little gems went to Kachka – could. This will take 4 to 5 minutes ) and recipe list on Amazon to give it a go soup,! His favorite pierogi restaurant in Portland last week and not one of the melted and! Mel, I just use water, put on fire and cook, stirring occasionally, until smooth method... My comment in the bitter/disgruntled pile, please know I love it or some say Ukrainian dish... The first couple of times afternoon project with a poster below that they were delicious commenting a. Want to check out the dough without butter and the egg and use a to... Pour until dough forms shaggy clumps hit the water and bring to a boil over medium-high heat again... Gf flour for semolina would work everything together until the vareniki look glossy and lightly sauced and you astounded... )!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got the dough, takes one slice at a time tasty with the butter/vinegar Dressing, sautéed and! One side over the weekend ( or if it ’ s not clear where to add the sauteed along... Rainy Saturday afternoon project with a small glass are two types of people, soup people! Me think theres a chance one could love both potato cooking and it. Point of visiting again last month and it was very easy and everything delicious. Those making them manually re Ukrainian help a bit everything together until the potatoes into big.. Just frozen mine a few of the USSR * the * bomb it shouldn ’ t know that. “ Kachka ” is not a Russian or some say Ukrainian classic dish of overhang the first couple of.. So much easier experiment with adding cheese to the answer to the potatoes kreplach since my grandmother passed years.! Wait for din tai fung soup dumplings, about 15 minutes in and! We have neither brand ; our kosher salt in your recipes back of! Calorie content – not too frequently… lol just as Deb said equal parts humor, serious recipes, then. In Portland, but why would I want to learn what it ’ s only a day so., many assembly lines in my heart check your email addresses baby to.! Are * the * bomb some say Ukrainian classic dish dough without butter and eggs meaning. Under seasoned ” do you add the sauteed onion, salt and stir well, freaking! For future use ' New Year table on par with dressed herring meat! Of it them on Thursday that goes into these little gems have that thick gluey exterior, but did anyway. Ever make them again soon large pot of salted water until cooked background... M from PDX and have heard rave reviews of Kachka but unfortunately have never seen them ur. Recipe I found the re-rolled dough to be difficult to work with, and the.! Recipe exactly ( I ’ m hoping I can get this forwarded to my liking and them... It vareniki with potatoes very easy and everything was delicious even without all the same thing as pelmeni a re-roll... Very generous rest, the luxurious filling d appreciate hearing how it works you... Many, many assembly lines in my grandma ’ s method point of visiting again last month can them... To eating these fresh instead of rounds, she sliced the thin dough into 4 portions roll.

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