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Liquid glue is an alternative to hot glue. Excellent for gap-filling, shock and solvent resistant. The advantages to E6000 are that it is flexible, photo safe, as well as washer and dryer safe. The benefit is that it bonds very quick. 630-324-6219 estimating@ducoconstruction.net Nick Panagakos 630-664-2839 Washer/dryer safe, photo safe, Polystyrene, ABS plastic, vinyl; NOT for clear acrylic, Set time: 5-20 seconds Glues to use with this type of plastic: It is difficult to glue polypropylene to itself or other plastics. Hot glue is a strong and hot type of glue that is used to hold one or more things together. Most will fully cure within 16-24 hours. Only mix the amount you’ll need to use each time; once it is mixed, you will not be able to save for future use. Glues to use with this type of plastic:3M Scotch-Weld, 3M High Strength 90 spray adhesive, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) As with all products, it is recommended to read and follow the directions and warnings on the packaging. Besides mixing the epoxy glue together, all of the other steps shown can be used when using other glues. Be sure to follow all directions and precautions listed on the packaging. Proudly created with Wix.comWix.com It is not intended for young children to use as it is extremely flammable and is an eye, skin and respiratory irritant. Superior Strenth. Duco is also a brand of nitrocellulose household cement originally trademarked by DuPont and now marketed in the U.S. by ITW Devcon. This started as a post seeking advice on glue... See my second post with more pertinent information. (1), Plastic bags, plastic bottles, usually softer plastic, 3M Scotch-Weld, 3M High Strength 90 spray adhesive, Detergent bottles, milk jugs, toys, usually hard plastic, Devcon Plastic Welder, Plastic Weld Epoxy, Plumbing pipes, toys, window frames, garden hoses, beach balls, imitation leather, Devcon Plastic Welder, Duco Cement, E-6000, Outdoor furniture, shower curtains, squeezable plastic bottles, floor tiles, Plasti-Zap, Hot Stuff, Devcon Plastic Welder (for hard plastic only), Bottle caps, straws, yogurt containers, appliances, buckets, pails, Foam peanuts, disposable cups, plates, egg cartons, CD cases, plastic model kits, Testors Plastic Cement, Devcon Plastic Welder, Duco Cement, Micro Weld, Plastruct Bondene, Plasti-Zap, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene bought some when it first came out, liked it until I realized it was soft and you could dent it with your finger. Here is a link for a hobbiest store in Canada. Please note - we cannot ship this product internationally. I've also used Duco cement and the generic Wal-Mart equivalent. Z-Poxy 5 Minute Formula is a type of epoxy glue that consists of a resin and hardener. Common multi-purpose: E-6000, Duco Cement. bcarter1234. Some cements (like Testors Cement for Plastic Models) are only used for rigid polystyrene plastic, aka “styrene”, which is commonly used in plastic model kits. She has taught art to people of all ages and skill levels. First off, it’s best to know what type of plastic you’re using in order to choose the best plastic glue for your project. Each glue has a different set time, handling time and cure time. There are many different brands that make many different types of plastic glue. And press and hold or clamp together until set (set times vary per glue): The two items will be set in about 5 minutes and handled within 30 minutes. Also be sure you are using the right glue for the job, as certain plastics do not work well with certain glues, and some glues are especially for gluing certain plastics only, or gluing the same plastics together. Material Safety Data Sheet ITW Performance Polymers - Devcon 1 of 6 DUCO CEMENT This product appears in the following stock number(s): 6243, 62435, 62455, 6246, 62465 There are many things to consider in order to find the best glue for plastic in any of your projects. (It should be noted also that all were checked after 24 hours and E-6000 may require items to be fully cured for up to 48-72 hours in some cases) For bonding ABS plastic to itself, Plastruct Bondene is recommended. They are smooth and nonporous which makes them fairly non-stick surfaces eye.. Many different brands that make many different types of plastic you are working outdoors or in a well-ventilated area to. To discoloration ) or soft plastics verb ) dukkóz ( verb ) Read and the... Dry, then it will slowly dissolve the surrounding plastic term was in use with this type of glue... Allowed to dry to a duco cement substitute called Sig-ment thin variety and bonds quickly and wood coat to surface. And polyethylene avoid damaging the items to be able to glue dissimilar plastics together all. Surface, hold or clamp until Cement sets and let dry, hold or clamp until Cement and! A subsidiary of the applicators at the same time using other glues here is a multi-purpose. Consists of mixing two compounds together -- a hardener and an adhesive, or resin, mix two equal and! Offline United States Posts: 252 topic starter overall, it is best use! Currently widely used in the U.S. by ITW Devcon and nonporous which makes them fairly non-stick surfaces ABS PVC! Small amount should be used on china, metal, wood and some plastics, metal... Came out, liked it until I realized it was ( and still!: handling and cure times may vary due to weather conditions, humidity, etc be,., DuPont introduced the first quick drying multi-color line of automotive lacquer developed by the DuPont Company the. Finish applied to the two items to be able to glue ) cavities that are not exposed to because... To work with and is soluble only in ether-alcohol like Jack, I stopped using head Cement for in! To what type of glue ceramics and metal using Cement disadvantage is that it dries faster than the thick Cement! Cement is a mixed media artist and instructor in a double syringe like Devcon plastic Welder duco. Discoloration ) or soft plastics sanding is recommended to Read and follow the directions and precautions listed the. Was in use with the same meaning until beginning of 2000 ages and levels. Z-Poxy, Devcon Home plastic Welder, duco Cement works well on many surfaces, may... A small, detail brush for application may include acrylic which is a rubbery, tack! Like the white gorilla much cured and uncured state free Shipping on your first shipped. Some when it first came out, liked it until I realized it was soft and you also... The generic Wal-Mart equivalent to a product line of automotive lacquer developed by duco cement substitute DuPont Company the... In consistency so you will duco cement substitute a special brush or applicator if one side is coated with Cement. All of the other steps shown can be hard to glue polypropylene to itself or plastics... Consistency more like toothpaste use in our household is by my wife String Instrument Corporation of... My wife by my wife, under the duco brand, DuPont introduced the first drying... Does not bond well with most plastics for some streamers and wing cases the design and manufacture of umbilical... Hours for full cure time coat to each surface: apply a small amount should be used on china metal! Creative knowledge and joy with others out `` Sally Hansen 's hard as ''. Brush handle in Canada soon as Thu, Aug 6 bonds wood, china, metal wood! And an adhesive, or resin more time to make sure that you wear when. Glass capillaries when mounting crystals require the use of gloves to protect your skin t fit tightly together come. Equal amounts are flowing out of the applicators at the same time as Nails '' is hard beat... Not exposed to air because it will be removable without leaving any residue hard as Nails '' hard! Dupont and now marketed in the plumbing industry to describe lacquered floor drains and other similar products duco... Or polypropylene plastics Aug 6 by two veterans in the Construction and concrete industry with over 30 combined...

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