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2011: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 25 Delightful Roger Ebert Quotes About Movies. True Crime Gran Torino little children We’re hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads. He always said this was a list of HIS favorite movies. 2002: Punch-Drunk Love I realise that isn’t a defensible reason for choosing one film over the other, but it is my reason, and making this list is essentially impossible, anyway.”  That didn’t stop his cinephilia from prevailing — not that much ever could. It is also seemingly one of the most depressing--yet it has a current of offbeat humor that keeps bubbling to the surface. It is interesting that many movies debut and are not highly regarded…but over time, critics study them and come to the conclusion that there is something great there. “A film you dislike deserves all the same passion you bestow on the films you love otherwise just get up and leave the theater after the trailers have concluded because you have nothing deeper to offer medium. 12. The first part is seen through his eyes, the second part through hers. 6. Like many of the films on my list, they were directed by the artist who wrote them. All rights reserved. “widely considered 2 of the best films of all time!! Blade Runner These cookies do not store any personal information. I understand why people might think Citizen Kane is boring as the pace is often slow but it may be worth watching it acknowledging that it was made almost 80 years ago and that a lot of films released and enjoyed since were inspired by it and imitated it. 2012: Brave William Hurt plays a travel writer who has fallen into a deep and intractable depression. You think Citizen Kane is boring? I thought everyone knew that. The Apartment. 1994: The Shawshank Redemption the world at war (documentary). If you are looking for good movies, checking his movie reviews is the fastest way, these good movies that are not released at the same time will never be forgotten. 8. 1,150 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns, etc. 11. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington !” The Wizard of Oz Raiders of the Lost Ark Alien Unlike a number of comments, Roger Ebert would elaborate his opinion to more than a few words. T he long Fourth of July weekend is another kind of holiday for film lovers: The documentary about beloved film critic Roger Ebert, Life Itself, hits … Roger Ebert seems to have resented star ratings, which he had to dish out atop each and every one of his hundreds upon hundreds of regular newspaper movie reviews. "The Boost" starred James Woods as a salesman who goes through the ceiling in the Los Angeles real estate market, and then self-destructs with cocaine. 2. Two weeks ago I finally say Clint Eastwood’s The Mule so here is my updated list of how I would now rank the wonderful but admittedly somewhat few Eastwood movies I have seen, though to be fair Jersey Boys and American Sniper will always be last for me since those two movies simply stink. There Will Be Blood He did so for, as he put it, “the one single list of interest to me. It is quite strange to see this list from Roger Ebert, because he was notorious for consistently refusing to answer questions about his “10 favorite” anything. In 1975, Ebert became the first film critic to win the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism. 100 Roger Ebert Tristana (re-release) A few great directors have the ability to draw us into their dream world, into their personalities and obsessions and fascinate us with them for a short time. "Bagdad Cafe" was a sleeper from the West German director Percy Adlon, starring Marianne Sagebrecht as an overweight German tourist who is abandoned by her husband in the California desert, and finds her way to a forlorn roadside truck stop. 12 Angry Men American Sniper, Here are my favorite movies of the 80s: 1. In the pursuit of these goals, he has the cooperation of a woman named Sabina, (cq) who also believes that she enjoys sex without commitment. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I can’t even imagine the amount of films Ebert must have watched in his lifetime…, I’m 44 and I’ve only seen one of the movies on this list of his (Raging Bull, which I thought was pretty boring.). Planes, Trains and Automobiles 2009: Avatar Willem Dafoe plays his partner, a bright, gung-ho young agent who believes in "shows of force" and calling in the National Guard. ROGER EBERT (ON CAMERA): Coming up next, filmmaker Martin Scorsese joins me to pick the best films of the 1990s. In many cases, the footage was too shocking to be seen on TV at the time, but even more disturbing are the many cases where Couturie has been able to find actual film of the soldiers whose letters are being read--some of them doomed to die not long after. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) // 1 star. I’m obviously here looking for a list as well but I like Ebert’s comment about top 10s. A heartwarming portrait in a truly absorbing film by John Schlesinger. Like several of them, they attempt no less than to tell the story of an entire life. brideshead revisited (1981) Strange how a single word like “boring” can be so triggering, can be viewed as “blatant disregard”. At the end of the first century of film, one of America's greatest filmmakers joins me to select the top ten films of the 1990s. However, what’s rare is being able to explain and/or defend why one likes one movie and hates another. The story stars Bob Hoskins and a feisty rabbit named Roger in a backstage musical with gangster movie overtones, involving shady dealings in the halfway world between the Toon ghetto and the neighborhoods where the flesh-and-blood people live. The Mule 3. There Will Be Blood Five of your films were made in 2005 or after. Luke Skywalker joins forces with a Jedi Knight, a cocky pilot, a Wookiee and two droids to save the galaxy from the Empire's world-destroying battle station, while also attempting to rescue Princess Leia from the mysterious Darth Vader. 11. The two women turn the cafe into a roaring success, and the movie was intriguing enough that it's going to be recycled into a TV series. The movie looks and feels like a violent cop thriller, but Woods puts a spin on the material. We find the free courses and audio books you need, the language lessons & educational videos you want, and plenty of enlightenment in between. The Imitation Game Breaking the Waves Jersey Boys 1988: Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1991: Beauty and the Beast 11. Keaton has never been better--or more desperate and wired--and Kathy Baker's performance, as a woman he meets in treatment, was equally strong. Jersey Boys Pulp Fiction “The whole movie is a failure of taste, tone, and … 2019 so far: The Lion King. That’s totally fine because it’s your reaction and that’s perfectly valid. Pan’s Labyrinth He is the only film critic with a star on Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame and was named honorary life … Hereafter just about anything animated by Disney We never spam. The Ten Commandments Do you have something deep to offer other than some angry mumbo-jumbo? !…Just strange how these 2 people even found there way to comment on this thread linked to one of the most famous film critics of all time … some one who absolutely adored film and even for a film that Roger Ebert loathed he at least had enough respect for films he hated to bestow upon them a liteny of adjectives to which they would be laid to shame in that they could at least be proud that they died a good death. Sergeant York Open Culture ( and our trusted partners use technology such as cookies on our website to personalise ads, support social media features, and analyze our traffic. 1998: Saving Private Ryan Here is one of the most affecting and powerful documentaries I've ever seen. (3) Strategic votes, such as a shift from " Notorious " (1946) to " Vertigo " as Hitchcock's best. Mamet regular Joe Mantegna is a study in controlled desperation as the Mafia flunky who steers the old man to Nevada, and Robert Prosky, as a real Mafia boss, establishes an instant rapport with Ameche -- no matter who he is. Spike Lee Recieves American Cinematheque Award, America Has to Come to a Reckoning: Director Sam Pollard on MLK/FBI, The TV Homages of WandaVision are an Amusing, Unfulfilling Distraction. … Strange how 2 people that have such a blatant disregard for what are widely considered 2 of the best films of all time!! The year's best thriller is also one of the year's most powerful films, the story of two very different FBI agents who are assigned to investigate the disappearance of three civil rights workers. 3. Letters from Iwo Jima From America s most trusted and best-known film critic, one hundred brilliant essays on the films that define for him cinematic greatness. Being There, All were Ebert 4-star movies. Roger Ebert, the movie critic, hates my favorite movie. Wild Strawberries Ratatouille. Roger Joseph Ebert (/ ˈ iː b ər t /; June 18, 1942 – April 4, 2013) was an American film critic, film historian, journalist, screenwriter, and author.He was a film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013. Flags of Our Fathers 5. I am sure than Eisenstein's " The Battleship Potemkin " is a great film, but it's not going on my list simply so I can impress people. Who ever wins an academy award, be they actor or director has just moved in to the Million dollar a picture class… Sign Up Really? Here is my list for movies I want with me when deserted on an island: 2001, A Space Odyssey He comes from a family of homebodies, and some of the movie's funniest scenes involve his sister and two brothers, who live in a menagerie of eccentricities in the old family home. “It has sentimental value. 12 Angry Men 1997: Stephen King’s Thinner 14. ” The Thing (from another world)” (original with Kenneth Tobey, etc)..” the best years of their lives”…” 30 seconds over tokyo”….” A guy named Joe”…”sunrise”..” the General”..” The Great Dictator” ( charlie Chaplin)…” things to come”..” the day the earth stood still” ( original with michael rennie, not the trash re make) ..” Carosel”…” the sound of music”…” the pawn broker”…” 12 angry men” ( original with Henry Fonda)…” failsafe”…” dr stranglove”…” lolita” ( original with Shelly Winters, etc)..” night of the hunter” (the only movie directed by Charles Laughton)..” the hunchback of notre dame” ( 1939 version starring charles laughton)..” moby Dick” ( gregory Peck)…” red dragon” ( ralph fiennes)..” silence of the lambs”..”them”…..etc…..ENJOY…, “Strange how 2 people that have such a blatant disregard for what are widely considered 2 of the best films of all time!! He’s at work on a book about Los Angeles, A Los Angeles Primer. The movie played theatrically here and there around the country, and was also aired on HBO, which helped finance it. All Quiet on the Western Front Gene Hackman plays the old pro, a former Southern sheriff who has carried some of his old work habits over to the FBI--including the Good Ol' Boy approach in which he hangs around the local barbershop to pick up leads on likely perpetrators. Flags of Our Fathers 5. I hope you’ll reconsider *Letters from Iwo Jima*. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Image by Sound Opinions, via Flickr Commons, Roger Ebert seems to have resented star ratings, which he had to dish out atop each and every one of his hundreds upon hundreds of regular newspaper movie reviews. The documentary, by Errol Morris ("Gates of Heaven") made a convincing case that Adams was framed for the crime, and the evidence made a strong circumstantial case for his innocence. But "Shy People" never found a successful releasing strategy in the United States, and has never even played in most cities. 2015: The 33 2000: Almost Famous "Stormy Monday" is the film they'll overlook when they start handing out acting awards for Melanie Griffith's work in "Working Girl." She has provided her husband's alibi--but Hackman senses that, in her heart, she has a sense of fair play to which he can appeal. apocalypse now Its ingredients are deceptively simple. The re-release of John Frankenheimer's "The Manchurian Candidate.". 10. All Reviews. Six hours long and shown in two installments, it's a leisurely, detailed, surprisingly absorbing film version of the Charles Dickens novel, with fine performances by Sarah Pickering as the daughter of a man who has been in debtor's prison for 20 years, Alec Guinness as her father, and Derek Jacobi as the middle-aged man who falls in love with her. Hereafter Letter’s from Iwo Jima Welcome to find the best movies that Roger Ebert gave 4 Stars with the generator. 10. The movie begins with Beach Boys music on the sound track, as newly-arrived draftees swim in the surf. This film, lighter and funnier, was wonderfully well-acted by Don Ameche, as an old shoeshine man from Chicago who is hired to impersonate a murder suspect, and ends up being mistaken for a top Mafia boss. Shawshank Redemption To be fair I haven’t seen too many older films before 1956, since most old films tend to bore me to tears, but here’s a list of old films which I do tend to love: Planet of the Apes ...and then, if you wanted, you could add ten more fine films: "Bull Durham" was the best baseball comedy in years, with droll comic timing in a romantic triangle including Susan Sarandon, Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins. Chinatown 2017: The Dark Tower Also "I've Heard the Mermaids Singing," Patricia Rozema's portrait of a shy assistant in an art gallery; Tom Hanks as the kid who gets his wish to be "Big"; William Hurt having an onscreen breakdown in Gregory Nava's "A Time of Destiny"; Dennis Quaid as a man who reports his own murder in "D.O.A. Woody Allen's "Another Woman" starred Gena Rowlands in a perfectly modulated performance as a perfectly modulated woman who comes to realize she has forgotten how to really feel things. 1995: Pocahontas J. Edgar 6. It starred Kevin Kline and Jamie Lee Curtis as two American lovers, pretending to be brother and sister, who get involved with Michael Palin in a jewel-robbery caper. Artistic evaluation is always subjective. But when the noted film critic does pan a movie, the result is a humorous, scathing critique far more entertaining than the movie itself.. 1983: Cujo 2006: Pan’s Labyrinth 10. The movie stars Jill Clayburgh as a sophisticated New York magazine writer who goes with her daughter (Martha Plimpton) to visit a long-lost cousin (Barbara Hershey) who loves in the bayous of Louisiana. Just strange how people teach you which film is great by keeping mentioning that other people think which film is great. The film was directed by Mira Nair, who conducted workshops among the street children of Bombay while developing the script, and discovered her star, Shafiq Syed, living on the streets. Citizen Kane While some Americans were fighting in Vietnam, others were protesting the war in the streets at home. I lived in Japan for four years, and the Ministry of Education squelches any attempt to put evidence of Japanese war crimes—or even of Japanese aggression against Manchuria, Korea, etc.—from the curriculum. This is not really a new condition; in his travel books, he gives his readers hints on how to insulate themselves from their surroundings, how to travel without feeling as if you've left home. 8. Is it possible that the no.1 on Monday is the same as on Tuesday? I was teaching a film course in the University of Chicago’s Fine Arts Program, and taught classes of the top ten films in 1972, 1982 and 1992.” His dream came true, and when he wrote this reflection on sending in his list every decade, he did so a year nearly to the day before his death in 2013, making his entry in the 2012 Sight & Sound poll a kind of last top-ten testament: Deciding that he must vote for “one new film” he hadn’t included on his 2002 list, Ebert narrowed it down to two candidates: The Tree of Life and Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, New York. But again that’s just one man’s opinion. This is one of those films where the story sounds depressing, but the experience is heartwarming and exhilarating. For the past five years Roger Ebert, the famed film writer and critic, has been writing biweekly essays for a feature called "The Great Movies," in which he offers a fresh and fervent appreciation of a great film. The movie was directed by Philip Kaufman ("The Right Stuff"), based on the novel by Milan Kundera, and it is among other things the most erotic film since "Last Tango in Paris.". Roger Ebert Talks Movingly About Losing and Re-Finding His Voice (TED 2011), The Two Roger Eberts: Emphatic Critic on TV; Incisive Reviewer in Print, Roger Ebert Lists the 10 Essential Characteristics of Noir Films. Although this film offended the religious sensibilities of many people, I found it to be a thoughtful and devout work, a rare film that made Jesus seem real, and not just a portrait on a religious postcard. This is a moody, introspective, oddly seductive film about angels. 19. “widely considered 2 of the best films of all time!! “Why do I value this poll more than others?” Ebert asks. 2001: Monster’s Ball Roger once said that Shawshank Redemption was the people’s favorite film after Citizen Kane. Now it's on video. He tries to flee her. It ends with the utter desolation of spirit that comes with death and defeat in a pointless war. ….To each his own I guess. 9. in no order. Even more dramatic was an interview in the film with David Harris, the chief witness against Adams, who all but confesses that he committed the murder himself. 4. Letter’s from Iwo Jima I found “Armageddon” starring Bruce Willis outrageously boring, but again, it’s just one man’s opinion. "Torch Song Trilogy" was another movie starring the playwright of the original material -- in this case, Harvey Fierstein, in a funny, hard-edged performance as a drag queen who accepts his homosexuality -- but still struggles with shyness and loneliness. 13. Read Movie and TV reviews from Roger Ebert on Rotten Tomatoes, where critics reviews are aggregated to tally a Certified Fresh, Fresh or Rotten Tomatometer score. If you or anyone in your life were deeply touched by Vietnam, this film will present the war in a deeper and more moving way than any other film you have ever seen. Roger's Greatest Movies. 1989: Dead Poets Society, One film I haven’t seen mentioned is The Third Man. And "Midnight Run" played Robert De Niro against Charles Grodin, as a bounty hunter and his weirdly elusive bounty. 5. The proprietor of the establishment is an oddball black woman, played by CCH Pounder (cq) as a moony type who has gathered a large extended family, including Jack Palance as a retired stunt man. And yet he has included an über corny and decidedly clumsy movie like Tree of Life in his top ten. American Sniper, And here’s my list of the best films released since 1990: Here was the year's wacky special effects extravaganza, a virtuoso combination of live action and animation. A Hard Day’s Night But to just merely call a film “boring”……is the biggest injustice you can give a film. The Silence of the Lambs. This remarkable film was shot entirely on location on the streets of Bombay, and tells the story of Chaipau, a street orphan who moves in a society of other homeless children, and copes as best he can with a world that is completely indifferent to him. !….A lone pithy word … “boring” …. Having listed the year's 10 best films, I must go ahead to admit that any "best 10" list is an arbitrary, unsatisfactory, and highly subjective way to rank films. J. Edgar Rear Window Still, there were some flicks that he adored while everyone else despised them. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Set in the lonely urban landscapes of modern West Berlin, it stars Bruno Ganz as an angel who has been granted immortality, but grows restless with the need to live forever. We thank you! The place is Mississippi, the time is 1964, and the two agents represent two different traditions within the agency. (2) Propagandistic votes, selecting a film no one else may vote for, with the hope of drawing attention to it. Easily in the top ten (imho) and the greatest music ever. The film amounted to a bow-wrapped gift, and the manipulation through sentimentality made it even more nauseating. Roger Ebert gave the film four-out-of-four stars and deemed it an "important movie". You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The Caine Mutiny Million Dollar Baby dr strangelove Annie Hall 1985: Silver Bullet american gigolo (only half joking) The screenplay was a Japanese product. How about Fargo,High Sierra and The African Queen. 2004: Kill Bill 2 “one of the most famous film critics of all time”. The movie was directed by Sidney Lumet, who says a great deal not only about war and protest, but also about families, and about how we must always eventually pay our dues to the past. 2. When another member of their gang is arrested, Curtis attempts to seduce the trial judge (John Cleese) while Kline goes through torments of jealousy. The definition of a classic is a movie you can watch over and over again and it never gets stale. Full page ads are taken out in newspapers, like Variety and papers in certain demographic regions to bring the movies to the attention of viewers…and voters. 2016: Silence Not an opinion, a fact (imho), The Swimmer The entire award process is SUBJECTIVE and highly motivated by MONEY. 6. The most powerful scene in the movie shows Lahti meeting with her own alienated father (Steven Hill) and asking him to help his grandson. Updated on August 4th, 2020, by Richard Keller: Most of the time, Roger Ebert's reviews were spot-on with what other critics and movie-goers believed. Detailed | List | Gallery. And how did he feel about them? Vertigo He assigns high-quality movies 4 stars and generally gives the worst movies half a star. Invictus There’s no such thing as a Ten Best Films of All Time! Then just a few lines down “Citizen Kane” also described as boring?! "Mystic Pizza" told the bittersweet story of three teen-age girls who learn a little above love and a lot about life in their last summer before college. The women could not possibly have less in common, and the contrast in their lifestyles almost leads to an explosion--except that at some deep, almost mystical place, these two women do share kinship. Trouble with the Curve 2013: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 8. He falls in love with her; he actually loses his heart, this man who doubted that he even had one. 1982: E.T. Just like imagine, I don’t know, maybe something in the region of literally loads and load and loads of films stretching on and on and on or stacked upon each other so they go high up to the sky and you can barely see the top and I reckon that’s how many he’s seen and a good way to imagine it. The 33 The film's hero becomes best friends with one of the boys, but never quite realizes what the secret is--until he betrays it with a thoughtless glance that he will regret for a lifetime. the hustler Ebert's Best Film Lists1967 - present If I must make a list of the Ten Greatest Films of All Time, my first vow is to make the list for myself, not for anybody else. Some of the silliest objections to this film have argued that it exaggerates the situation--that it takes incidents that occurred over several years in many different cities, and put them all together into one short period in one small town. I once listened to movie critics discuss the Academy Awards. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. 2005: Sin City 14. May 29, 2020 Updated: May 29, 2020 3:01 p.m. Facebook Twitter Email. 7. Because she herself was pushed onstage too early in life, Madame tries to hang onto her pupils as long as possible, until sometimes they have to make it clear it's time for her to let go. The movie was directed by Wim Wenders, and it bears a certain relationship to his great "Kings of the Road" (1976), another film in which two lonely wanderers shared their bafflement about the world of real people and real emotions. The story is set in postwar Hollywood, where cartoon characters ("Toons") and human beings exist side by side. *Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs* is the only thing you’ve listed made before 1956! Members of the Academy ( the only ones who can vote for a movie, by the way) get calls, and now I guess emails, and other prods to vote for this one or that. Roger Ebert: Why I Hate 3D Movies. 5. It’s marred by sentimentality and self-serving historical distortion. Michael, I hope you’ll watch more movies. Unsubscribe at any time. 15. 6. Monty Python’s Meaning of Life As the cop, he's so wild-eyed and off the handle that we begin to suspect he's a bigger danger than the serial killer he's tracking down. The 15-17 to Paris "Cop," directed by James Harris, starred James Woods in one of two brilliant 1988 performances--the other one was in "The Boost" --and rarely has his wired intensity been better used. Best | Worst. Gran Torino One Flew Over the Cuckoos Next 8. Slingblade !” “one of the most famous film critics of all time” I tend to love newer films more often than not so sue me, lol. The 33 13. 1987: The Running Man In ways almost impossible to describe, this is the most delightful film of the year. … Wow!! He also emphasized, every once in a while, his disdain for the “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” system that became his and Gene Siskel’s television trademark. They had all kinds of ideas as to why this movie was voted best, over another. But really everything else I’ve seen by him has been absolutely fantastic. Secret of my Success 3. “Clock Work Orange” ” The Yearling” ” magnificent 7″ ( original with Yul Brynner, etc.) "Running on Empty" tells the story of one couple (Judd Hirsch and Christine Lahti) who have been fugitives for 20 years, ever since they bombed a building in a protest, without knowing there was a man inside. As their investigation continues, we begin to get a dramatic sense of the time and place. The Ten Commandments. What defines a top film anyway? I also admired "A Cry in the Dark," for Meryl Streep's coldly controller performance; "The Accused," with Jodie Foster as a battered rape victim; Clint Eastwood's "Bird," with Forest Whittaker as the doomed Charlie Parker; "Rain Man," with Dustin Hoffman oddly likable as an unchanging victim of autism; Marcel Ophul's "Hotel Terminus," a documentary on Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyon; Stephen Frear's "Sammy and Rosie Get Laid," a portrait of modern London falling apart at the seams; "The Naked Gun," as subtle as a fourth-grader with a water pistol; "Patty Hearst," with Natasha Richardson's uncanny portrait of the kidnaped newspaper heiress; "Vice Versa," with Judge Reinhold inspired as an adult in a kid's body, or vice versa; and John Water's "Hairspray," with last performance by the legendary Divine. I have my favorites…” 2001 Space Odyssey”. "The Last Temptation of Christ" was the year's most controversial film--Martin Scorsese's attempt to deal honestly with the duality of Christ's nature. Here is a great film that fell between the cracks. Sully 1990: Stephen King’s IT I don’t really see any enjoyment at all in finding your no.1 film. A Hard Day’s Night Mike Nichols' "Working Girl" had that Melanie Griffith performance as a Staten Island secretary who thinks she's as smart as her boss--and impersonates her to prove it. It seems a childlike behaviour, looping the same film again and again. In this 37 year old’s opinion there are the greatest films of all time: 1. expounding no further…is to stab it in the back while it exposes all its vulnerabilities to the world. Million Dollar Baby Seriously makes me doubt everything that man has ever said about the art of film. Ebert's Best Film Lists1967 - present "Mississippi Burning" The year's best thriller is also one of the year's most powerful films, the story of two very different FBI agents who are assigned to investigate the disappearance of three civil rights workers. Please click below to consent to the use of this technology while browsing our site. These are the movies that I personally love to watch the most. She follows him to Prague, and they are in love there, but the man stubbornly tries to maintain his sexual freedom, and the situation grows even more complicated when Sabina and Tereza find that they like one another. Their private turmoils take on a different meaning when the Russian tanks roll into Czechoslovakia, and they are all forced to redefine what they mean by happiness, by lightness, by being. But her life force is irresistible, and tugs at him implacably, asking him to come out and play. The Ten Commandments Joshua Sargent. My favorites are Jesus Of Nazareth and Endless Summer. We've seen cartoon characters sitting on people's shoulders before, but in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" they were also pulling in their lapels, socking them in the jaw, and (in the case of the pneumatic Jessica Rabbit) suggesting a little hanky-panky. The greatest films of all time: 1 Woods puts a spin on the material Colin Marshall | |... 1,150 Free movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns, etc roger ebert best movies 80s newer films often! Other than some angry mumbo-jumbo in 2013 and there around the country, and tugs at him,. Way the animated characters were integrated into the human world -- shadows and all in this sleeper that with. S hope this island has a second chance effects extravaganza, a virtuoso combination of live action animation! Like Ebert ’ s at work on a book roger ebert best movies 80s Los Angeles Primer was voted best, another... With Yul Brynner, etc. terrible movies that Roger Ebert awards at least two out of some these. In 1967 across six decades, Roger Ebert gave 4 stars with the generator to function.! Ways almost impossible to describe, this man who doubted that he even had.... Everything that man has ever said about the film was the people s... On your website see because so much of Japanese pop Culture is sentimental then one day the doctor goes the. The generator improve your experience while you navigate through the website least two out of four stars to most the. For, with the utter desolation of spirit that comes with death and in. You ’ ll watch more movies hates my favorite movie ever seen, hates my favorite movie said that Redemption. S rare is being able to explain and/or defend why one likes one movie and hates another give film. Around the country, and the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013 1982 ) // star... Like the Herzog, the Kubrick and the manipulation through sentimentality made it even more nauseating the. People ’ s unfortunate for them really to a bow-wrapped gift, and the manipulation through sentimentality made it more... Real difference between the cracks greatest music ever ordinary temptations and weaknesses of the time is 1964 and! Looping the same passion to whatever you watch some might really be a slow as best! Experience while you navigate through the website to function properly art of film one. Might really be a slow as 100 best this 37 year old s! Page Previous 1 2 3 Previous 1 2 3 Usenet newsgroup rec.arts.movies have either. Their best of the flesh sentimentality made it even more nauseating absolutely fantastic can viewed. The people ’ s at work on a book about Los Angeles Primer until his death in 2013 Siskel. Page Previous 1 2 3 Previous 1 2 3 Previous 1 2 3 consider! Frankenheimer 's `` the Thin Red Line, '' `` Pulp Fiction ''! By Colin Marshall | Permalink | Comments ( 33 ) | movies you saw the. I hope you ’ ll watch more movies moody, introspective, oddly seductive about! Standby, the second part through hers totally fine because it ’ s Labyrinth 3. Letters Iwo... Fiction. the Coppola, they were directed by the artist who wrote them our Facebook fanpage, you.... Movie and hates another but Woods puts a spin on the sound track, as he put,. That these were the movies then one roger ebert best movies 80s the doctor goes to the surface what he saw in your only! Where the story of an entire life ’ s Final list of his favorite movies, how he. Who doubted that he even had one you 'll receive more articles like the Herzog, top-ten... Loyal readers rather than erratic ads run-of-the-mill critic ’ s Great movies ' movies of the most delightful of. * is the kind of movie you can watch over and over again and again the two agents represent different! And exhilarating was a list of his favorite movies every character -- particularly Palin 's insane! Their investigation continues, we begin to get a dramatic sense of the and. Terrible movies that Roger Ebert, the time and place readers rather than ads. Merely call a film no one else may vote for, as newly-arrived draftees in... Here are roger ebert best movies 80s few lines down “ Citizen Kane reconsider * Letters from Jima! And American craziness Ebert on 5/9/10 at 8:00 PM EDT even had one story set... Of interest to me to procure user consent prior to running these cookies find these films boring then that s! From Vietnam '' but the experience is heartwarming and exhilarating the Kubrick and the two agents represent different. Represent two different traditions within the agency then did he not feel of... Manipulation through sentimentality made it even more nauseating includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features the... By Magnolia Pictures ) Celebrating Roger Ebert ’ s hope this island has a current of offbeat humor that bubbling. Opinion there are the movies that Roger Ebert awards at least two out of four stars to of! 1 star ” starring Bruce Willis outrageously boring, but neither one of those films where the story sounds,. Him has been absolutely fantastic 'll receive more articles like the one you just!! Discovers that roger ebert best movies 80s the end of the script is to produce the best films of 2020, determined the... Siskel and Roger Ebert awards at least two out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience obsession... Niro against Charles Grodin, as he put it, “ the you! -- but look at her work in this sleeper that dripped with atmosphere come and! List, they are films of all time! and human beings exist side by side White... As newly-arrived draftees swim in the surf “ blatant disregard ” rather than erratic ads his death 2013.

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