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Oseanz Recruitment is the expert recruitment company for the cruise industry, providing a resource for job seekers. Oseanz Recruitment delivers outstanding candidates to employers and is committed to providing you with exemplary service. We provide you with thoroughly screened candidates, who have the right experience, enthusiasm and motivation. We will save you time and money.
No matter which components of recruitment expertise you require, we provide exceptional service and will hand pick the candidates to suit your requirements. Good, experienced, qualified and well-motivated crew is the key to the success of a cruise ship. Oseanz Recruitment understands the importance of placing and retaining good candidates onboard.

We will:

  • Give you a cost- effective recruitment alternative.
  • Accommodate your busy schedule, reduce the requirement for initial face-to-face interviews and reduce your interview travel costs.
  • Introduce thoroughly screened candidates who have been selected by us because they exhibit the qualities of professionalism, motivation, strong team skills and excellent communication skills.

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